• Part Two

    Shortly, we will raise a glass once again in J.J.Coppingers. On September 25th, the bar standing on 55 Main Street in Midleton will reopen after a temporary closure. A new chapter unfolds, a new story to be told.


    Indeed, the history of the Coppingers is a remarkable one. Prosperous brewers, maltsters, grain merchants and bankers, they were the most distinguished residents of Midleton in the eighteenth & nineteenth century.


    A man of considerable style, George Coppinger Ashlin designed both The Bank House, where Edmund Coppinger worked as the Manager, and also what is now the AIB Bank at the top of Main Street, Midleton. At the other end of the town, George used his architectural prowess in the creation of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church with its handsomely decorated façade.


    Nearby J.J.Coppinger's Bar and behind Midleton House is a large yard, which was once home to the town's grain market. Until the 1930s, the yard was known as Coppinger’s Yard and was occupied by the hardworking TS & R Coppinger, who were coal, seed and manure merchants.

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    However, not all Coppingers longed for the cut and thrust of trading. William Coppinger joined the religious order and was soon ordained Bishop of Cloyne. A fervent supporter of Nano Nagle, he founded & financed the Presentation Sisters Convent on land granted by Lord Midleton just outside the town.

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    J.J. was not the only Coppinger to leave Midleton for fame in America. Joseph Coppinger was to become one of the founding fathers of Pittsburgh’s O’Hara, Reed and Coppinger Brewery. The successful master brewer was championed by US President Thomas Jefferson for the publication of the classic liquor bible 'The American Practical Brewer and Tanner'. The book that exhibited the whole process of brewing can still be found in bookstores today.


    The doors of J.J.Coppinger's will reopen once again and great friends can re-gather to share new tipples and new tales. The stately historic building and spirited venue, with its elegance, charm and contemporary edge, welcomes back the people & families of East Cork and beyond.


    The sequel promises something new. J.J.Coppinger's will breathe new life into forgotten cocktails and soon offer a menu of delicious small plates served till late into the night. J.J.'s new Head Chef will be serving up seasonal bites bringing a unique drinking and dining experience to Midleton.


    There's History In Every Sip And Soon A Story In Every Bite.