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Meet Sergio - J.J's Whiskey Brand Ambassador

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Meet Sergio! 'Serge', as customer's call him, is cool, sophisticated and a spirit-savvy guy with a real love for Midleton and the people of Cork. He was born in South Africa although his love of whiskey started at 55 Main Street, Midleton, Co Cork.

Serge was recently appointed J.J. Coppinger’s first ever whiskey ambassador and his goal is to teach all the general's troops of the wonders of whiskey. He is about to partake in a whiskey adventure of a lifetime and wants to bring you guys along the way. Serge will visit many of Ireland’s famous distilleries and build both his own knowledge. He is also responsible for growing J.J.'s whiskey menu.

Where to first? Well, where better to start than right next door at Midleton's very own Jameson Distillery.

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